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In Three Steps

Hello Taipei people! 

When I took my first course to learn freediving in Taiwan, I was living in Taipei and travelled to Xiaoliuqiu. However, I was reluctant to take days off or annual leave from my work as I wanted to save them up to see my kids who were living in Japan and spend time with them. 

My first freedive course I was lucky though, as I did not need to take a day off as it was a four-day weekend. Through my journey into freediving, I found a lot of students rarely pass a freediving course when it’s crammed into 3-4 days. 

That’s why I’ve designed this course especially for Taipei residents so they can learn freediving without sacrificing valuable annual leave and also by breaking up the course into 3 separate parts and by limiting class size to 2 students (most courses have 4-1 student-instructor ratio), it will maximize learning new freediving skills. Freediving in Taiwan has never been easier. 

By breaking it up the freediving course into separate parts, we can address common issues like equalization and breath hold before traveling down to Xiaoliuqiu for the open water portion of the course where we will be diving for depth. 

If you’ve been wanting to learn freediving in Taiwan, click the big purple button to schedule a call with me and we can discuss your options as I pride myself in being flexible in my future students’ requirements and schedule. 


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Online theory class and dry training- you will take a short online course and read a manual full of theory then will go online with an instructor where there will be a knowledge review – we will also go over strategies to extending your static breath-hold and go over equalization. 


Once a month I travel to Taipei to conduct confined water sessions on a weekday evening. Here you will learn static breath-hold, work on proper finning technique and finning across the pool on a breath-hold. You will also learn the fundamentals of safety and rescue. 

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Travel down to Xiaoliuqiu on Saturday morning where we’ll conduct 1 open water session on Saturday afternoon and 2 session on Sunday and you’ll be back at your home in Taipei by Sunday evening. During the open water sessions we’ll be diving for depth and apply safety and rescue skills to open water setting